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About Us

About Us

Sammy's Pachysandra is a Pachysandra Nursery in Lagrangeville, NY.

Ee specialize in common Pachysandra. For years, we have been growing and selling Pachysandra nationwide as a superior ground covering for your yard. We have extensive experience with all types of of Pachysandra plants and value the plants low maintenance and excellent ground covering qualities in shaded areas.

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At the nursery, our pachysandra plants are 2 year old when we put them in the beds in late June. We protect the plants with 3' by 6' shades and 70 percent black sun screen material. The plants start to take roots with in 3 weeks but are not ready to be sold until mid-September.

Once the plants, which are 6 to 9 inches in length and have decent roots, they are ready to be shipped out. By the start of the 3rd year, pachysandra plants normally starts to send runners out and fill in the area where it is planted.

What separates Sammy's Pachysandra from many other nurseries is that we do not send out any plants to customers before the plant's root system is adequately developed. This increases the ability of the Pachysandra to prosper and grow when planted. That is the Sammy's Pachysandra difference!

Please contact us directly with any question you may have about: which type of Pachysandra is best for your yard, when to plant Pachysandra (year round as long as there is frost in the ground) or how to maintain your Pachysandra. We'd be more than happy to answer them.